We need English teacher to assist local school classes and teach your own class for children, teenagers, and adults at Kad Sala.
We believe in the EASY English approach, teaching through conversations and by playing games.
The main goal is to expand the communication skills of the San Pa Tong community and promote cultural exchange.


Ensure commitment and responsibility (don’t be late)
Make sure you know (read the board or ask the staff) about the classes schedule ahead of time
Proactively communicate with other volunteers to decide who is going to teach in each class/school
Prepare your class in advance
Use our books as a reference for preparing the lessons
After class, make sure everything is organized and clean
Bring the teaching materials back to Volunteers Lobby
Help with any request from Kad Sala team
Help with requested cleaning activities
Help with assigned cleaning ( kitchen & volunteer house)
Dress properly for schools and culture sensitivity


Kad Sala helps organize and coordinate volunteer programs.
For more information in what’s included see our Volunteers Program or contact us:
Contact: kadsalavillage@gmail.com