We are part of a community with a strong cultural background in traditional woodcarving, where you can learn this craft and see the daily routine of woodcarving masters.
Joining our masterclasses you support the art of woodcarving and ensure the tradition lives on.

Over 100 years ago Kad Sala village specialized in wood carving with over 200 families living and working here. The name “Kad Sala” means the market place or gathering place for skilled woodcarvers. Artisan wood-carving is a unique Northern Thai tradition and Kad Sala is a great place to explore it to the fullest.

It’s a pure pleasure to watch the artisans working on their masterpieces strolling through Kad Sala market as well as joining the wood carving masterclasses and creating your own wood artpiece.

10 years ago a local family reconstructed the residential part of the village turning it into guest houses in order to attract more travellers to the market place and help to increase the customer flow to the local woodcarving artisans and village community.

Connect directly with the real wood masters

Either if you want to buy furniture or decoration for your house or business, or if you want to learn about wood carving directly from a community of experts, Kad Sala is the place for you.