Woodcarving: We are part of a community with a strong cultural background in traditional woodcarving. You will be able to learn a lot about it and see the daily routine of handicraft masters. With this project we hope to promote woodcarving  and make sure the tradition doesn’t fade way.

Thai Cuisine: You’ll also be able to learn how to cook traditional Thai dishes and go to local markets nearby.

Buddhism: Kad Sala gives you the opportunity to learn about Buddhism through conversations with monks and visiting local monasteries.

Natural and Relaxing Environment: We are in a very quiet and beautiful area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can enjoy running, cycling, exploring, reading, cooking and other activities. In our open space you have access to meditation and yoga areas as well as a beautiful relaxing garden.

Elephant Camp: You get to hand feed and softly touch these majestic animals.

Thai Boxing: Workshop with Muay Thai (“The Art of Eight Limbs”). Learn the traditional Thai Martial Art with a famous master at a local gym.

Buffalo Market: Enjoy this Thai experience during Saturday morning. The Buffalo Market is a highly unusual and is a thoroughly true farmers market. It started 60 years ago as a weekly gathering of farmers and traders, and now become one of the largest weekend markets in Northern Thailand.

Friendly Environment: We are looking for relaxed and friendly volunteers to be part of our team. We receive a lot of volunteer travelers from around the world and you’ll always be in the company of friendly locals.